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Programm mit all seinen Sonderformen

Do | Th, 01.11.18[Bearbeiten]

B. Schlichenmaier

Future Perspectives on archiving Performance Art

M. Wilson

Martha Wilson and Franklin Furnace Archive

D. Schürch

Audioscoring (Part III.). Material: Joseph Beuys „Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee Nee Nee“, 1968

A. Erni

Fr, 02.11.18[Bearbeiten]

Section I: Databases, Digital Platforms, and Interconnections[Bearbeiten]

B. Büscher

Archival Processes. About Logics of Collecting and the Mediality of Artifacts in a Performance Archive

A. Dekker

Enduring Liveness. Towards Building Networks of Care

Newman & Reedy

Archives and Databases for Artists by Artists

Section II: Policies in Heritage and Art Institutions[Bearbeiten]

N. Brulhart

Parallel History? The Archive and the Performative in the Kunsthalle Bern

E. Roberts

Live Art and the Archive: Feminist Reconfigurations

W. Yau

Researching the Restiveness: This is NOT a Performance; This is NOT an Ethnography

Workshop Reedy & Newman

Diagraming Practice: a Workshop exploring Archives and their Relationship to Databases

W. Siegfried

You don’t count it and lock it in the box

C. Grimm

The Daily Trainings of the DARTS Collective (disappearing artists)

E. Ferrer

Was ist denn eine Performance? | What is a performance then? | Mais qu’est ce que c’est une performance? | En realidad ¿qué es una performance?

Sa, 03.11.18[Bearbeiten]

Section III: Qualities and Conditions of “Wild” Independent Archives[Bearbeiten]

D. Sajewska
M. Surtmann

Performance art, stored and inscribed. The Potentials of the Body as Archive and Collector of Knowledge

B. Nieslony
S. Folie

Visualization Strategies in Performance and Media Art Archives, using the Example of VALIE EXPORT

S. Schade
Sigrid Schade Responding
D. Gusberti
N. Brulhart

Guided Tour at the Archive of Kunsthalle Bern