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Think Tank V: Project Evaluation and Cultural Policy Strategy[Bearbeiten]

15.03.2019 PROGR, Bern
Deutsche Version

Guests: Peter Erismann (Aargauer Kuratorium, counselor), Judith Huber (PANCH board member), Marinka Limat (PANCH board member), Andrea Saemann (performance artist and organizer)

Denkpool V was conceived as a closed event in which concerns and desiderata were discussed. First on the agenda were the next steps in the dialogue with SAPA and the question of how possible forms of cooperation between AG Performative Archives / PANCH and SAPA could look like. In the course of the project Archives of the Ephemeral it became more and more tangible that there is an organizational gap between the AG as representative of the association PANCH and the memo institutions, which has to be overcome. The AG wishes to be accepted as an equal counterpart of memo institutions, e.g. SAPA. This is the only way it can convey an awareness of archiving forms of performance art that takes into account the perspective of the artists or even place them at the centre. As an external expert for an upcoming discussion with SAPA, Peter Erismann has agreed to provide assistance with his rich background of experience in cultural-political questions.

Subsequently, the AG’s approach was discussed with regard to the current message on culture for Switzerland (Kulturbotschaft) that will take effect in 2021. It seemed important to strengthen the independent recognition and promotion of performance art at the cultural-political level (federal government: cultural-political embassy / funding institutions / archives / associations). This is where mediation work must be carried out, as the archiving of performance art in Switzerland falls under different areas of responsibility, which makes its preservation and mediation at the political and institutional levels more difficult. In several meetings on cultural-political advances between the AG, the PANCH board and important protagonists of performance art, a comment to the recently published consultation on the cultural message was launched.

As a long-term goal, it was stated that the association PANCH and the AG are working to distinguish themselves as serious partners in the triangle of forces between artists, memo institutions and other cultural-political agents.